Yunnan Off the Beaten Track

This journey is intended for those who may have already visited the major tourist sites of Yunnan, but who wish an opportunity to visit some of the lesser known locations, of great natural beauty and ethnic diversity, where our students or guests will have a chance to truly immerse themselves in the cultures of rural Yunnan, including seldom visited ancient stone villages, secluded lakes, snow mountains, red rock canyons and remote Buddhist monasteries and Daoist temples. In order to preserve these destinations we do not detail the many locations we visit on this website, but are more than willing to discuss them with groups interested in a truly adventurous and unforgettable journey of our own design to destinations that are truly “off the beaten track”. Please do view our photo gallery for visual images of some of the places and peoples we visit in Yunnan and Kham (see below). For those of you reside in Yunnan or have previously visited Kham, we challenge you to identify them.