Development and Preservation

Our development and preservation projects include working with rural health care, focusing particularly on women and children, as well as on education, through the expansion of or establishment of clinics and schools in Yunnan‘s most remote ethnic communities, particularly in the Nujiang (Lancang)Valley, along the Burmese (Myanmar) border. We have for 8 years now been working with the small rural township and valley of Shaxi, in Jianchuan County, to promote sustainable tourism development, rapidly coming in to this idyllic spot, to insure that income from visitors benefit’s the local agrarian community rather than outside entrepreneurs, as has been the case in other major tourist destinations in Yunnan. Although an independent organization, not operating under the auspices of the Chinese government, we do work in close concert and in consultation with local and provincial level governmental administrative units, universities and the Yunnan Provincial Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital to insure the success of our projects, necessary within the Chinese context. Our goal is to ultimately turn the healthcare facilities, schools and other projects we create over to the local communities themselves as we move on to other projects.As a corollary to this primary mission of direct aid, training, and assistance, we seek to help preserve often fragile and endangered indigenous cultures through educational exchange programs that will facilitate a greater understanding of the diverse peoples of southwest China.