Language and Culture Learning

Having led cultural immersion and language programs for over 16 years in Yunnan, as well as three in Nepal, the leaders of the Center for Cultural Learning and Development (CCLD) are uniquely poised to offer language and cultural programs to schools, universities, or other customized programs. At this point CCLD can only host organized groups, usually, but not limited to, college and university programs, who in turn, provide educational credits to students pursuing degrees. The Yunnan Nationalities University was set up for the purpose of educating Yunnan’s many diverse ethnic groups (nationalities), providing a great learning environment and insights into the many different peoples who live in this fascinating province. The Nationalities University provides us with classroom and lecture space, dormitory accommodation, transportation, and visas. As a student affiliated with the Center for Cultural Learning and Development and Yunnan Nationalities University, long-term student and visiting scholar visas are available.

Dorms, Homestays and other Accommodation

Accommodation can be arranged either in University dormitory accommodation, allowing students to experience Chinese campus life. CCLD can also arrange homestays with local Chinese families, in order for students to better understand Chinese family life, both in urban Kunming and in rural homes in the minority areas, particularly in Shaxi (Bai) and Gyalthang (Tibetan). Alternatively, students on our Traditional Chinese Medicine programs often stay in a hotel just steps from the Yunnan Provincial Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, where those classes and guided practice sessions are held.