Sino-Indian Relations and Exchange

In 2008 the Center for Cultural Learning and Development signed a memorandum of understanding with the School of Chinese Language in Kolkata, West Bengal, India to work together in promoting Sino-Indian relations and exchange, beginning with exchanges between Yunnan Province and Kolkata. In 2009 CCLD sent a volunteer Chinese instructor to teach at The School. Inspired by this experience, he now is working for Yunnan Society For China-India Cooperation and Exchange.   In 2010 an educational exchange was initiated between the top two high schools in Kunming and Kolkata, the High School attached to Yunnan Normal University (ShiDa Fuzhong) and St. Xavier’s high school in Kolkata. A delegation from St. Xavier’s in Kolkata was received in Kunming in May and a reciprocal delegation from ShiDa Fuzhong was received in Kolkata in December.  The first group of Indian students from Kolkata is scheduled to arrive in Kunming in the spring of 2011.