Faculty Visits and Seminars

Despite the global economic downturn, the Center for Cultural Learning and Development continues to receive faculty visits from colleges and universities interested in various issues related to China and Yunnan, or to simply explore and learn more about the ecological, biological, zoological, and human diversity in beautiful Yunnan. We are glad to receive such visits from academic professionals and to learn about their own particular interests.  We also serve as a venue, at Yunnan Nationalities University or the Yunnan Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Kunming and the Shaxi Cultural Center in the rural Bai areas of northwest Yunnan for seminars on various topics, including Sustainable Tourism Development, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Urban Planning, Ecological or Anthropological issues.  The possibilities are endless, depending on the interests of sending institutions or organizations. Forums can be organized on the rammed earth technology employed in rural Yunnan’s traditional architecture and Historical Preservation.  The Shaxi Cultural Center could also serve as a serene location for spiritual retreats or meditation workshops. CCLD’s spaces are intended to allow for a wide variety of socially conscious or spiritual endeavours. Your suggestions and ideas are welcomed.