TCM Learning and Practice

For over a dozen years the Center for Cultural Learning and Development offers group education, training, and the opportunity to learn all of these practices, therapies and techniques, as well as the Daoist philosophical foundations and basic theories that underlie TCM alongside professional medical practitioners at the Yunnan Provincial Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, an opportunity unparalleled in most of China and virtually unthinkable in the West. Texts are provided on each of the elements of this remarkable medical system, most of our lectures are in English and translators are available when necessary. Uniquely, our TCM training typically includes both lectures and actual practice. The TCM knowledge and skills that we provide for our students include TCM Yin and Yang theory, channel and meridians theory, five elements theory, Chinese herbal medicine and its cooking, Chinese massage, acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping, medicinal food, and others.